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Five People You Will Meet at Your Next Open House

11 Apr

Five People You Will Meet at Your Next Open House

by On April 9, 2014 (abbreviated version)

1.) Qualified Buyers:

Watch for serious buyers during your open house.  These buyers come prepared with thoughtful questions, so be familiar with important property information. How to Make the Sale: Follow up within 24 hours to increase chances of an offer.

2.) Seller’s Family and Friends:

Your sellers may invite their family and friends to make the property look more popular to other guests.  Don’t discount these visitors, they may be looking to move in the future or might have friends that could become potential clients. How to Make the Sale: Treat these guests as you would any other potential buyers. They will notice your dedication and increase opportunities for future referrals.

3.) Next-Door Neighbors:

Neighbors often visit open houses because they are curious and want to compare property prices and details. No one knows the area better than local residents, so use their insight to your advantage.

How to Make the Sale:  Pre-open house, introduce yourself and extend an invite to your open house. Ask their opinion on the local area and their favorite neighborhood places. Use this information during your open house to give potential buyers an insider perspective on living in the neighborhood.

4.) “Not Yet” Buyers:

You will meet plenty of people at your open house who are browsing or not seriously considering buying. These visitors could become future clients, so ask if they are working with an agent or looking to buy in the near future.

5.) Other Local Agents:

Real estate agents often visit open houses to see how their listings compare or if they are representing a buyer who is unable to attend. Give them a brief overview of the property and let them walk through solo.

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An Open House can Close the Deal

4 Apr

An Open House can Close the Deal

Spring is in the air and right now, many homeowners begin to consider putting their homes up for sale.

If you are one of those homeowners, it’s time to prepare your home for market.

You’ll have to examine your finances, begin to de-clutter, clean your home and repair and replace where necessary (but keep it simple).

Also consider the advantages of an open house.

Here are five common reasons an Open House might close the deal.

Eyes on the prize – And open house attracts potential buyers who would otherwise be too casual, lax, or unmotivated to book a showing.

The event also has one up on a simple listing.

Your friends and family can mention the event to every potential buyer they know. Neighbors who drop by might be angling to have someone amiable move into the neighborhood. Advertising and signage will catch the eye of both casual lookers and serious buyers.

You direct the drama – Some home shoppers give little if any notice if they stop by your home for a traditional showing.

It can be stressful keeping your home show-ready for the entire time it’s listed. It’s also time-consuming to keep wastebaskets emptied, floors routinely swept, vacuumed or mopped and the laundry washed.

Not so with an open house. You decide when the curtain goes up.

You can schedule the event and prepare for an event with the potential to bring in throngs of prospective buyers – all in one fell swoop.

There’s less stress to deep clean and stage when you know exactly when potential home buyers will arrive.

A scheduled event also gives you time to sweeten the deal with some fresh-baked goodies and aromatic vases brimming with fresh flowers.

Second time’s a charm – Typically there’s a limit to the number of times even the most interested buyer is willing seek for a private tour.

If your house already caught the eye of a potential buyer, he or she might feel less overbearing and be more willing to come back for a second look in a less formal setting.

An open house also gives buyers the opportunity to bring friends or family for their input. Walking through an open house also provides guests with plenty of time to look around – during your open house hours.

Buyers compare apples and oranges – On any given weekend, buyers are likely to visit several open houses in the same general location.

This gives buyers looking in your area the opportunity to comparison shop by attending several open houses. That gives you the opportunity to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Time is on your side – Many open houses are available some weekends, others, not so much. Springtime weekends are big.

This year April 20th and 21st is Nationwide Open House Weekend when you can bet it’ll be one of those big open house weekends.

April 20th is also the start to this years KC FSBO Spring Homes Tour 2013 which coincides with the Kansas City Spring Parade of Homes, April 20-May 5 making for the ideal time to get out and view the best homes, builders, neighborhoods and HOME VALUES in our area.

Make sure your listing is one of them!

Excerpts by Kim Clark-

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27 Oct


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28 Sep

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15 Jul

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