Home staging 101: Stash the nudes

1 Mar
Feb 28, 2014

When you’re selling a home, you don’t want to put off potential buyers with edgy art like a nude painting on the wall, say a handful of agents interviewed on the subject by the Wall Street Journal.

Though homeowners sometimes push back, ”No nudes is good nudes,” Re/Max agent Lyn Sims told the Journal.

A 2011 Duke University study cited in the article backs up Sims’ assessment: Getting rid of edgy art like nudes is one of the most effective things owners can do when staging their homes, receiving a 5.98 ranking on a 7-point scale (7 being considered a highly effective action) by the study’s 457 participants. Home shoppers tend to remember the stand-out art rather than the home itself, the study showed.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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